"Dont be hatin cuz I can skate ... lol ... I love this place :) super fun and good music . I love to rollerskate !!! It's like roll bounce , wish they had teams that would be awesome but its just me and my skate crew for now xoxo roller-skate."

Cupcake C.
"... we had a blast dancing and skating to everything from Lady Gaga's "Born this Way" to Michael Jackson classics. Nothing quite compares to taking a spin on the floor.  If you're not into rentals, you get a discount for bringing your own skates or blades. Kudos to the friendly staff especially the young man who let us back in after we closed down the place because I wanted to be sure my little one visited the loo one last time."

Julie C.
"Came on a Wed night with a group of  girls for a friends b-day. We had such a good time, and a good workout. The staff is fun and friendly, and the music was just ok..top 40- ish dancey type, but great for roller skating. The floor was  not too crowded, which was good for less experienced skaters. Also, there were some derby girls practicing, and some serious figure skaters busting moves. Fun to watch!
Looking forward to skating here again soon..."

Karlee D.
"It's good to know that there's a cool roller rink so close to SF.  It's kind of small, but that's part of its charm. The DJ was really open to requests and said you could even bring your own iPod if there was something you wanted to hear that he didn't have. It was a fun and inexpensive way to hang out with my friends and I got a lot of exercise as well!"

Kimberly B.
"...this is a great place to get out of control with a large group of friends and your 70's disco couture.  They've got dazzling disco mood lighting, great mainstream 70s tunes and a DJ, the hokey pokey, and friendly staff. Given the scarcity of roller rinks, this place is worth traveling to.  Rent yourself a disco bus, slip on some polyester and extra thick socks, rock that purple affro outside of the month of October, and have yourself a bitchin' time."

Jennifer B.
-Affordable and fun place to date dates
-Rollerblade or rollerskate with up beat music and disco ball
-there is a snack bar incase you get hungry or thirsty
-Sometimes there are people who skate really good and do stunts but don't let them intimidate you
-Don't be ashame if you hold onto the walls, because there are people with you too if you can't skate
-fun friendly place to hang out

Jowen C.
"Redwood Roller Rink gets five stars from me because I am having so much fun there. I've skated since the 1960's when Mom used to take us to the now-defunct Rolladium in San Mateo. But all I could ever do was skate forward. Now I'm taking lessons at Redwood and it's SO COOL to do crossovers, leg lifts, and skating backward! And I'm just getting started. Yes, I'm 35 years older than all of my fellow students...."

Terry F.
"The Redwood Roller Rink is the LAST real deal authentic-o roller rink around (well, on this side of the Bay/Mid Peninsula...there's a few in the East Bay)!! Redwood Roller Rink (The Triple R) has been around for 50 years and looks it...most likely the original decor, hardwood floors, locker rooms, skates (you get the idea). What it lacks in polish and nods to modern entertainment complexes it MORE than makes up for in soul!!! ...."

Karen S.
"First Wednesday 70's and 80's night brings me right back to my 8th birthday party!  Love it.
Don't forget your sweat bands and your shorty shorts!"

Nick G.